Zoological park in Paris has been transformed in a spectacular three-year, EUR130-million renovation, and is now once more open to the public as a major family attraction, a short and easy journey from your welcoming hosts at Sport Hotel.

Zoological park in Paris has a proud history

The Paris Zoo first opened in 1934, in the beautiful Bois de Vincennes, the largest park in the French capital. At the time, the zoo was a pioneer in displaying animals in settings resembling their natural habitat.

Over time, however, it fell into disrepair as concrete crumbled and the zoo became dangerous for animals and visitors alike. It closed in 2008, and most of the animals were moved abroad. Just the giraffes remained, because they were a tightly-knit group which couldn't be moved easily.

Now 1,000 animals have returned to their completely transformed Parisian home. The Zoological Park of Paris has a triumphant new look, embracing the way animals are displayed in the 21st century, and in keeping with Paris's reputation at the forefront of contemporary design. Zoo authorities say the Paris Zoo is now "a journey into the heart of biodiversity" with a sleek design that aims at a "total immersion" of visitors.

What remains is the zoo's landmark 65-metre high Grand Rock which towers over the park and remains a setting for animals. Just about everything else is new. The reopening of the Zoological Park of Paris is one of the major events of this season in the city and it's a must-see for everyone, young and old.

Sport Hotel, a wellcoming hotel near the Zoological park in Paris

At Sport Hotel, we're thrilled to see the animals back in Paris. We're just a five minute taxi ride, or a beautiful 20 minute walk, from the zoo entrance. More on the zoo's many new attractions in upcoming newsletters - and in the meantime we look forward to welcoming you on your next trip to Paris.


Photo: Zoological park in Paris - Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Daniel Thierry