Superb museums and the exhibitions they regularly present are a major attraction in Paris. Throughout the year the wonderful exhibitions in Paris draw visitors from around the world. 2015 looks as though it will be another fine year, and we at the Hotel L’Interlude would like to let you know about some exhibitions of particular interest that we are pleased to recommend.

Exhibitions in Paris dealing with the history of art

Diego Velázquez is not a name that is greatly known outside of the art world. This 17th century Seville-born artist was the official court painter to King Philip IV of Spain. Due to most of Velázquez’s work being carried out for his royal patron, examples of it remained for the most part displayed only in palaces, where it was not seen by the public until after Napoleon’s Peninsular War. Following this conflict his work became dispersed throughout Europe, where it had a tremendous impact on other artists, especially those of the realist and impressionist schools. An exhibition at the Grand Palais from March 25th to July 13th explores Velázquez’s work and his influence on those who came after him.

The Italian sculptor Adolfo Wildt (1868 – 1931) is the subject of an exhibition at the Musée de l'Orangerie from April 15th to July 13th. Bringing together elements of Renaissance and Gothic art, Romanticism and Art Nouveau, his work was challenging and ground-breaking, though some critics at the time thought it eccentric. Nonetheless, he paved the way for Modernism in the medium of sculpture. Now you will have the opportunity to decide for yourself in this exhibition organised with the help of the Foundation Cassa Dei Risparmi di Forli, in which a wide selection of sculptures and drawings by this forward thinking creator are on display.

While still on the subject of art we would like to point out that although the Hôtel Biron is closed for renovations until September, you can still see many of the works of Rodin in the exhibition area and garden of the Rodin Museum, including the celebrated The Kiss and The Thinker. The Gustave Moreau Museum, dedicated to the French Symbolist painter, has also been closed for renovations, but reopened in January to great acclaim.

The Tudors and David Bowie!

What the above actually have in common is that both are the subjects of forthcoming major exhibitions in Paris that we think you will enjoy.

The Luxembourg Museum is the setting for The Tudors from March 18th to July 19th. With paintings from London’s National Portrait Gallery along with other documentation, the fascinating and eventful 118 year reign of this renowned royal dynasty is examined in detail from Henry VII to Elizabeth I.

The eclectic rock genius David Bowie has opened his personal archives to present artifacts from the five decades of his career in David Bowie Is…at the Philharmonie de Paris from March 3rd to July 19th. It’s an intimate look at the category-defying musical chameleon and should not be missed.

Picture credits : © Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : Marc Bertrand

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