This summer, Paris continues to provide a rich and full programme of events and entertainment. Tourists from every corner of the globe will be delighted to join in with the festivities associated with the Fête de la Musique. Whether you’re a music fanatic or a casual listener, this event has something for everyone.

A well-prepared 34th edition!

‘Together in music’ is the theme of the Fête de la Musique 2015, which is held on June 21st. Preparations have been underway for quite some time and are now nearing completion. As is the case every year, all concerts and performances, whether held indoors or outdoors, will be accessible free of charge. All musicians, regardless of their professional or amateur standing and the musical genre in which they play, will be invited to perform in pubs, bars, restaurants, famous places, cultural institutes, museums, theatres, halls, gardens, etc. In short, everywhere where they can express their love for music. Classical, rock, world music, jazz, soul, electro, hip-hop; all musical forms will be represented on this one magical evening! Staying at the Hotel L’Interlude in the 12th arrondissement, you can attend the various musical events of this and the neighbouring districts. But this eclectic and exciting music festival is not just for night owl adults; there’s also plenty of events laid on for the children earlier in the day, including storytelling, discovery tours, workshops, concerts and open-air opera. Paris has always made music a means of reconciliation and a way of bringing people together to share the joys of the one language we all have in common!

Gare du Nord: the musical spirit continues

If one party night is not enough to unwind, especially during the summer holidays, then there’s more for you to do; quietly! On July 11th the Gare du Nord will be transformed into a huge club when Silence Events presents Silence Station Night. This silent disco will run from 11:30 pm until daybreak and promises to be a truly unique event. The SNCF has kindly lent this exceptional place to accommodate an enthusiastic mass of fans of music and dance. Even better, 12 famous DJs will be invited to ignite the atmosphere when they take to the stage set up beneath the big station display board. For this very special occasion the organisers have enlisted the talents of the DJs Mum's, Cut Killer, MyMy and Vincent Vega. If you’ve never attended a silent disco before, you’ll be in for a surprise. Rather than using a speaker system, the music is broadcast to wireless headphones worn by the partygoers, and you can choose which DJ you want to listen to. This allows everyone, regardless of their musical tastes, to all have fun together. The colossal 4000 m2 area of the station will become a truly unforgettable dancefloor.

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