Places to discover in Paris in 2014 include several offering art, culture, music, entertainment and shopping. We at the Sport Hotel wish you a Happy New Year and all the very best for the twelve months ahead. We're hoping you can spend some of 2014 enjoying our hospitality, and to tempt you, here's a quick guide to places we know you'll love. 

Places to discover in Paris in 2014 on your holiday or short break

Built as a temporary structure in 1889 to spotlight the engineering supremacy of France, Gustave Eiffel's towering marvel rises a magnificent thousand feet and more above the city. How could you resist the challenge to scale the gracefully soaring Eiffel Tower to its highest viewing platform?

Since the 18th century it has been a symbol of the culture and creativity of France, but the Louvre museum remains an essential stop on any visitor's Parisian itinerary. One of the world's largest and greatest museums, its untold wealth of masterpieces and historic artifacts await your pleasure.

For a wander around a fascinating historic district of art galleries, chic restaurants and fashion houses, try the former aristocratic quarter called the Marais. Or perhaps the former hilltop hamlet of Menilmontant. Absorbed by the growing Paris of 1860, this now fashionable area has much to offer, including the Pere Lachaise cemetery, where Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust and Jim Morrison are buried.

Art lovers should visit the Pinacotheque. This superb cutting edge art space showcases contemporary artists and houses a permanent collection of great paintings.

Finally, for concerts, shows and performances, Paris has many fine venues, from the classic old Olympia music hall where many greats have graced the stage in over a century, to the Zenith, a 6,300 seater arena built in 1983, which hosts nearly 170 events annually.

Sport Hotel presents places to discover in Paris in 2014

The Sport Hotel is situated in a tranquil part of Paris and is close to various public transport options, allowing easy access to all the places we have mentioned.

And once again, all of us wish you the very best for 2014.