Not far from the Hotel Interlude you can find the Château de Vincennes. Often unjustly overlooked by tourists passing through Paris, it is nonetheless one of the best examples of the central role taken by the city in the history of France from the 11th century onwards. On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we would certainly recommend that you take your loved one on a visit to this fascinating fortress.


An exceptional setting

A visit to the Château de Vincennes also offers the ideal opportunity to discover the Bois de Vincennes. Famous for its racecourse, this large wooded park boasts hiking and biking trails. It’s perfect for testing the new Vélib' offer in Paris! The two main trails leave from the castle. For lovers who love the challenge of a puzzle, why not opt ​​for the BaladEnigm? While solving small riddles and finding paths, you’ll visit every corner of the park, discovering fauna and flora, picturesque ponds, statues and more.


Getting to the château

So, let’s head to the château! It's easy to get there from your Hotel Interlude. Bus service 46 takes you directly. However, the best and most romantic option, if time permits on this Valentine's Day, is to walk or take a bike ride through the woods. It takes forty minutes on foot or 15 minutes in the saddle. For the return journey, why not try one of the autonomous electric shuttle buses that ply the route between the Château de Vincennes and Bois de Vincennes stations? Only recently introduced, the service is still experimental, but well worth experiencing.


The château itself

One of the main points of interest about the Château de Vincennes is the diversity of its eras of construction, making it an intriguing chronicle of the history of French architecture. Originally built in the 12th century as a hunting lodge, it later became a royal residence. The more than 50 square metres of dungeon attest to the transformation of the residence into a castle in the 14th century. Various stages of construction followed until Louis XIV decided to leave for Versailles and so turned his former residence into a prison. You can still see graffiti on the walls that dates from this period. Fortunately, the château suffered relatively little damage during the Second World War.


One of the most original tours in Paris

A considerable attraction of the Château de Vincennes is how much you’ll learn of the past. As you explore the castle you’ll be accompanied by a tablet that provides a virtual tour showing how the various periods looked. Until the end of March, the château also organises an Escape Game. As a prisoner, your challenge will be to escape from the dungeon in less than an hour.


Practical information:

Admission: € 9 full price, free for children under 18

Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00 in winter, open every day