Hotels Paris 12th district put you at the centre of a fascinating area filled with must-see attractions and well-connected to the rest of the city, and one of the best choices in this district is Sport Hotel.

Hotels Paris 12th district close to Bercy, Bastille or the Viaduc des Arts

The 12th district - the French word is "arrondissement" - is one of 20 that make up the city of Paris. This vibrant area, on the right bank of the Seine, contains enough attractions to fill many days of exploration.

One of these is the Viaduc des Arts, a restored railway viaduct. Its 64 graceful arches now house the studios of artisans and artists, along with cafes, boutiques and restaurants. This is an area of Paris that's not often visited by tourists, and you will find craftsmen at work on everything from porcelain to flute-making. On top of the viaduct there's the Promenade Plantée, which translates as the "green stream", an unexpected modern park.

Another must-visit is the area around the Bastille, site of the 1789 French Revolution. Now it's home to the Bastille Opera House, and it's worth buying tickets for a production just to see the interior of this landmark piece of modern architecture.

The biggest park in Paris, the Bois de Vincennes, is the place to take your picnic, sourced from some of the small shops in the side streets around the area. The park was created by the emperor Louis Napoleon from an ancient forest and contains one of the city's royal residences.

At the heart of the 12th district is Daumesnil Avenue which runs from the Bastille Opera and borders the Viaduc des Arts and its 'Promenade Plantée' (Plants-filled promenade). And at number 258 of this longest Paris’ avenue you'll find your welcoming hosts at the Sport Hotel.

Hotels Paris 12th district include the welcoming Sport Hotel

At Sport Hotel, we look forward to giving you the insider's view of our local area. Our intimate hotel is the ideal place to begin your adventures here.

Photo: Viaduc des arts' (arts viaduct) in Daumesnil Avenue - Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Amélie Dupont