The Porte de Versailles boasts one of the world's largest exhibition spaces. In 2015 this state of the art venue located in the south of Paris will once again host a unique event dedicated to children and their parents. It’s called Kidexpo, and it takes place from October 17th to 21st. Within a quick and convenient travelling distance from this fun-packed show is the Hotel Interlude, which lends itself perfectly to the needs of families by offering communicating and spacious rooms. So there’s no excuse not to come to Paris and experience a family adventure, courtesy of Kidexpo.

Kidexpo, all the family must go

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing joy and excitement shining in the eyes of your children, and Kidexpo will have them lighting up like stars! At this colossal trade show you and they will marvel at the latest developments in entertainment, new technologies, toys, education, sport, holidays and more. Little girls will be thrilled to cuddle a huge teddy bear or listen to dozens of bird songs on a multi-coloured sparrow that is a true jewel of technology. Meanwhile the boys can drive the Batmobile without demolishing anything ... on a remote controlled skateboard! From the smallest to the largest, play and recreational activities and workshops are offered for all ages. This year the event will be divided into eight thematic areas so that families can easily choose what they want to see. There will also be various celebrities in attendance, representing fields as diverse as sports ands comics

An event for children, yes, but also for Mum and Dad!

At Kidexpo, children enter an enchanted world they will not want to leave! For parents, it’s a fabulous opportunity to check out what is available and prepare for Christmas shopping ahead of the rush! Loads of new toys are unveiled at Kidexpo, along with the latest ideas for creative hobbies. Your kids will have an extra-special Christmas this year because Santa Claus will be well ahead of the game in finding the toy of their dreams! Goodbye to desperately long queues in the shops and the stressful treasure hunt that is involved in finding out if the toy you’re after is in stock. Here, at Kidexpo, you can make your seasonal arrangements in comfort.

The 7th district and the Porte de Versailles, a neighbourhood where life is good

The Porte de Versailles is located in the south of Paris, near Metro lines 12 and 8, which can rapidly whisk you to the centre of the capital. A 15-minute Metro ride will take you to Montparnasse, historic site of the most popular theatres in Paris. Families can enjoy a restaurant meal and a show and end the evening with a breath-taking view of Paris from the top of the Montparnasse Tower. Metro line 6 is also easily accessible and will whizz parents and children towards the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysées or the Nation neighbourhood of small restaurants, jazz clubs, gardens and cafe-theatres.