A former wine market, Bercy Village was renovated at the turn of the century to become the stylish and attractive location it is today. Combining shopping, restaurants, recreation and a sense of history, Bercy Village is readily accessible in just ten minutes by taxi or Metro from L’Interlude Hotel.

The appeal of a village in the heart of Paris

From the late 19th century Bercy Village was the location of a number of wine warehouses. In fact, the rail tracks upon which the wine barrels were once transported to boats on the Seine or to the Gare de Lyon can still be seen in the paved courtyard, a poignant reminder of the past. Sadly, the area was neglected until it became the focus of an urban renewal project. The project architects, Valode and Pistre, suggested that the streets be left open to protect their character and the former warehouses be fitted with awnings to shield shoppers from inclement weather.

The renovation was an outstanding success, as we can see today. This diverse area boasts 15,000 square metres of shops, eating places and entertainment venues. There’s Séphora B, CLUB Med World, FNAC, G. Truffaut, Hippopotamus, Vinéa Café Nature et Découverte, Résonances, the UGC Ciné Cité cinema multiplex and much more.  

For a delicious meal and some fine wine whilst in Bercy Village, check out Chai 33. This fun and chic bar-restaurant offers seasonal dishes, Asian influences and Chai favourites for all budgets and tastes. Two picturesque patios overlook Bercy Park and the Cour Saint-Emilion. You can go down into the cellar to choose your own wine from the huge selection available.

Chai 33, Restaurant - Bar - Cave à vins - Bistrot - Boutique
Bercy Village, 33 Cour Saint Emilion – Paris 12ème
Metro : Cour Saint-Emilion, line 14

Picture credits : Wikipédia - Grook_Da_Oger

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