The warmer days are returning, and spring brings with it the opportunity to discover or return to amusement parks like Disneyland Paris and fairgrounds such as the Foire du Trône (Throne Fair) in Paris. The whole family will look forward to magical moments as everyone enjoys finding their old favourites or discovering new attractions. Enjoy your stay at the Hotel L'Interlude in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, where you’ll be ideally placed to reach these places of family entertainment quickly and conveniently.


The Foire du Trône; all the fun of the fair

If the Fête des Tuileries offers the festive event of the summer, the Foire du Trône is the capital’s legendary spring fair. This year the oldest traditional funfair in France takes place as usual in the 12th arrondissement, on the Pelouse de Reuilly, from March 30th to May 27th. With 350 attractions and 80 rides, it’s the largest event of its kind in the country, each year welcoming some 3 million visitors of all ages and all backgrounds, all united by the same goal; to share the maximum amount of fun. The 2018 schedule is full of exceptional events. Among them:
- Fireworks display on May 1st (Labour Day)
- The Foire du Trône parade with floats, brass bands and clowns,
- The Rainbow Festival.

A new attraction at the fair, the Starlight, guarantees thrills in the spirit of space travel. The ride is inspired by the training equipment used by astronauts. It propels visitors 20 metres into the air while two rings rotate around it to create a sensation of weightlessness. Meanwhile, the Spin Ball is coming to France for the first time. This ride lifts and spins 24 passengers at a height of 8 metres. At the Foire du Trône, you can enjoy the latest and greatest sensational attractions.


Disneyland Paris; a dream come true

Located 32 kilometres east of Paris, in the commune of Chassy, ​​and occupying an area of ​​22.3 km², the famous Disneyland Paris entertainment resort offers a magical journey through a fun and fantastic world, where attractions and shows are many and varied. You can travel at the speed of light across the galaxy, explore a haunted house and have many more fabulous adventures. You can meet Mickey Mouse and all your other favourite characters and enjoy the evening parades and fireworks displays. Don’t forget, before you leave, to take a family photo in front of the gorgeously illuminated Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

Don’t forget that you can enjoy many other leisure and fun activities around Paris. There’s the Mer de Sable in the Ermenonville Forest, Sherwood Parc, Parc Astérix, the Fête des Loges fairground in the Forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and many more places where you can find adventures of all kinds. However, Disneyland Paris remains the essential amusement park in the Île de France region.