Current top exhibitions in Paris at the magnificent Grand Palais showcase the very latest in spectacular video art, the provocative work of a controversial New York photographer and an in-depth look at a Roman emperor - and all are highly recommended by your hosts at Sport Hotel.

Current top exhibitions in Paris in a fantastic venue

The Grand Palais is a spectacular beaux-arts piece of architecture built for the Paris Universal Exposition in 1900. The barrel-vaulted iron, steel and glass roof still takes your breath away today, as the Grand Palais hosts some of Paris's most important cultural events.

At Sport Hotel, the first show that we recommend is by the pioneering American video artist Bill Viola, which has just opened and runs until 21 July. Viola has taken video art to new heights. The huge spaces of the Grand Palais allow his monumental work to be appreciated to the full. You will be transfixed by these pieces, which deal with life, death and all that lies in between.

Lovers of photography will want to ensure they visit the Grand Palais between 26 March and 14 July for a major exhibition of the work of the New York photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Some 200 images are on show, many of them controversial at the time, including everything from naked figures to portraits of his friends, such as the singer Patti Smith.

There's a very different show running at the same time, between 19 March and 13 July. Marking the 2000th anniversary of his death, 'I Augustus, Emperor of Rome' brings together statues, frescoes, furniture and silverware from the turbulent reign of the founder of the Roman Empire.

Sport Hotel recommends these current top exhibitions in Paris

At Sport Hotel we know you will be as fascinated by these shows as we are and we highly recommend them. We are just a half-hour's journey on the Metro from the Grand Palais and we look forward to welcoming you to Paris.

Photo: Grand Palais during White night 2006 - Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Amélie Dupont - Artist Felix Gonzalez Torres