Always welcome as the days grow warmer and the sun shines down, ice cream is a delight for all ages, and Paris has some of the best ice cream makers to be found anywhere in the world. With their delicious and wide selection of flavours, the Parisian glaciers offer a wealth of chilly treats. Be an ice cream gourmet during your stay at the Hotel L'Interlude.


The joy of an artisanal ice cream

Everywhere throughout Paris a multitude of stands, specialised shops, bars and restaurants dedicated to the frosty joys of ice cream are available at all hours. Appreciated by everyone, artisanal ice cream is the number one summer treat for those with a taste for authentic and natural ingredients blended together in the service of flavour creativity. Simple cornets with a scoop or two and classic flavours to taste on the go or fanciful innovations offered by the greatest masters glaciers; all the various possibilities for ice cream pleasure are available in the capital.

A real institution in Paris, Raimo on the Boulevard Reuilly in the 12th arrondissement opened in 1967. Raimo is an exceptional ice cream maker, offering natural ingredients in sorbets, frozen desserts and other sweet treats.

Berthillon is also a must for those who wish to enjoy a chilled treat in the heart of one of the most charming parts of the capital, the Île-Saint-Louis. A family business that still retains its taste for excellence after more than half a century, Berthillon offers traditional ice-creams for the whole family.

Une Glace à Paris is a glacier not to be missed in the 4th arrondissement. The collaboration between Olivier Ménard of Hermès and Emmanuel Ryon, a meilleur ouvrier de France title holder and World Pastry Champion, brings fabulous ice creams made fresh on-site each day from the highest quality ingredients.

While in the heart of Paris, why not also let yourself be tempted to spend some indulgent me-time at Martine Lambert, where you can enjoy ice-cream from Deauville, the most exclusive seaside resort in Normandy? 


A diverse selection of fabulous flavours

A number of ice cream makers in Paris have a tendency towards original and whimsical creations. If you’re in the mood for something different, head to Classico Argentino, Tropicale or Spaghettina. With tempting offerings ranging from Argentinian helado made with whole milk, caramel and ginger flavours or spaghetti-like ice cream, these exceptional ice cream outlets will delight the taste buds of those who prefer a touch of the exotic.

IceRoll offers a new concept; delicious ice cream rolls made as you watch and filled with your choice of fresh fruit.

For the more daring, Glazed is the place to go for highly unusual or even improbable flavours, such as their Espelette pepper and mango.

Paris boasts ice cream for all tastes and budgets. Pozzetto for great Italian gelato, Nitrogénie’s liquid nitrogen-based ice creams for high-tech enthusiasts or Bac à Glaces, where you can find a selection of more than 60 flavours. The chilly choice is enormous!



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