In previous newsletters from your hosts at the L'Interlude Hotel we introduced the Zoological Park in Paris, the city’s painstakingly renovated and conservation conscious public zoo, just a short ride from our hotel. Then we looked at Patagonia; one of the carefully recreated ecosystems that feature the animals in as natural a habitat as is possible in captivity. This time we will continue to explore this superb attraction, but this time we are looking at a location much closer to home; Europe.

The Wonders of European Wildlife on the edge of Paris

The Europe biozone of the Parc Zoologique de Paris certainly demonstrates the ecological diversity of this continent. Firstly, there’s the Great Rock that has become an iconic landmark of this reborn zoo. Then there are conifer forests of towering black pines, along with hornbeam, oak, beech and birch; a true verdant haven. Amidst the forest, wolverine and lynx roam. Another resident is the Iberian wolf, a resident of northern Portugal and north-west Spain that was almost wiped out in a planned process of extermination in the 1950s and 60s. Today there is only an estimated 2,000 surviving in the wild; a fact that points up the importance of such places as this zoo, where you can watch these beautiful grey furred creatures being fed..

In the vivarium you will discover a world of newts, toads, frogs, turtles, snakes and lizards, representing the smaller species of European fauna. Here you can see the charming midwife toad; the male of the species carries a chain of fertilised eggs on his back, thus giving rise to the name.

You will see otters at play on the slope of a craggy waterfall, and meet threatened species such as the yellow bellied toad and the red kite. Indeed, within the 10,800 square metres of this zone are wonderful sights that will cause you to view the wildlife of Europe in a whole new light.

Hotel L'Interlude is just a five minute taxi journey from the entrance to the refurbished Zoological Park.

Full speed ahead for the International Motor Show

For well over a hundred years the Paris International Motor Show has been a top quality, world class event for anyone with an interest in the automotive scene, as well as for industry insiders and professionals. This biannual show opens at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre on October 4th and runs until the 19th, opening daily from 10:00 until 20:00, and until 22:00 on Thursdays and Fridays. Children under ten are admitted for free to this family friendly event. A host of concept, sports and production cars are scheduled to receive their public premieres and you can be there amidst all the excitement.


  • Paris Zoological Park
    Detailed informations in the official website
    Avenue Daumesnil, Route de la Ceinture du Lac, Paris 12e
    Tel: 0033 (0)1 44 75 20 22
    Metro : Porte Dorée, line 8 – Château de Vincennes, line 1
    Tramway : Porte Dorée, line T3
    Bus : 46, 86, 325 – stop Parc Zoologique de Paris


Picture copyright holder : Tourist office Paris - Photographer Daniel Thierry

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