Why not mix jazz with your relaxation while staying at the Hotel L’Interlude? The 15th edition of the Saint Germain des Près Jazz Festival takes place from May 21st to June 1st and offers the perfect excuse for getting to know this iconic district of Paris while enjoying performances by both the established stars and the up and coming talents of the jazz world. Here at the Hotel L’Interlude you will enjoy easy access to this historic heart of the jazz scene in Paris and we will be delighted to assist you in planning your itinerary and advising on public transport options.

Paris is a world centre for live jazz performances

Jazz originated in the USA, but it was in France that this form of music first came to be regarded as having cultural significance and where it was first considered as art. It was the legendary Joséphine Baker who, in the 1920s, introduced jazz to the cabaret bars of Pigalle. Later, bebop fever came to Paris as jazz musicians from across the ocean arrived in Paris, encouraged by the liberal minded attitudes of the city and the receptiveness of Parisians to new and experimental musical forms. In the late 40s and early 50s Saint Germain des Près became a centre for intellectuals, existentialists, writers, artists and musicians. The jazz clubs and cellars of the district became the hangouts of the coolest of the cool.

Springtime music at the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Jazz Festival

Given the close identification between Saint Germain des Près and jazz, it is entirely appropriate that the district should host a festival devoted entirely to this musical form and its various manifestations. The festival was launched in 2001 by an organization under the leadership of Joel Le Roy, Frédéric Charbaut and Donatienne Hantin. It is one of the city’s youngest jazz festivals, but has already developed a worldwide reputation for its friendly, inclusive, diverse and innovative approach. Over the last 14 years musicians have played and sung in a rich variety of locations, from theatres to canal boats and even on the streets. Some spectacular venues are used, such as Saint Germain des Près church, the Sorbonne and the Odeon Theatre. There have been over 400 shows played by more than 1000 artistes. New talents are actively encouraged and many gigs are free. Various side exhibitions and events also take place, including photography displays and musician’s workshops, broadening the appeal yet further.
Among the names lined up for the 2015 edition of this eagerly anticipated festival are Lisa Simone, Aldo Romano, L’Esprit Jazz Big Band and Stéphane Guillaume as well as a host of other top talents from France and the rest of the world. Hot new musicians will also receive plenty of exposure. Download the programme from the official website and plan your stay, jazz fan; there’s no other festival quite like this one!

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