Paris has been undergoing an environmentally enriching transformation for several years. The City of Light is becoming greener and more welcoming to cyclists and walkers. Not only does this approach restore to life abandoned spaces such as the Petite Ceinture, but it also brings out the full character and appeal of such locations as the Viaduc des Arts. Your Hotel L’Interlude team will help you to discover this former railway line viaduct and its recent developments.


A stroll along the Viaduc des Arts

Located about a ten-minute walk from your Hotel L’Interlude, the Viaduc des Arts is a popular place for Parisians which keeps reinventing itself. This old railway viaduct fell out of use in 1969 but was given new purpose in the 1990s. The large arches now house glass-fronted arts and crafts workshops, while the old railway tracks have become a planted promenade and a part of the green corridor which connects the Bois de Vincennes to the Place de la Bastille. On the street, the wide pavement is an invitation to stroll at your leisure. This is also where you can see the project’s latest developments.


Greener and more delightful than ever

Beginning in 2021, the pavement that runs alongside the Viaduc des Arts has been adorned with large planters set in the ground, integrating with the existing trees and creating space for more greenery and flowers. At regular intervals, small ‘salons’ of grass-jointed bricks will also soon be set up, tempting passers-by to enjoy a welcome break. For shopping, strolling, or even jogging along the linear park, the Viaduc des Arts promenade has become an essential place where locals and visitors alike can spend some delightful leisure time.

Your Hotel L’Interlude team likes to share with you the attractions of our quarter and its latest news. In 2021, the Viaduc des Arts will be even greener, to the delight of all.



Crédit photo : besopha on Flickr - This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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